Bottom Boards

Here is a front view of one of my cheap and easy bottom boards being used with an entrance reducer. The bottom board is made of treated 3/8s plywood, 1 by strips and re-purposed hardwood bottom plate from pallets. All these wood materials are soaked in a 50 – 50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and paint thinner.  All exposed edges are coated in multiple coats of paint – after they have soaked up as much linseed oil as possible (and dried). Everything is glued and stapled together using waterproof TiteBond 2 or 3 glue. The parts are mass cut usually about 20 at a time.  An air gun puts in the brads rapid fire.  You can have the basic plywood bottoms custom cut for free at Home Depot or Lowes, then do the small work at home with your own table saw.  (There is almost nothing wooden you can’t make for beekeeping using a table saw!)  These bottom boards cost a fraction of the price of the ones you could buy in the beekeeping catalog and will last years longer.  If you are concerned about using treated wood, please consider this: the treated wood is sealed away from the bees in multiple ways and manufacturers like Mann-Lake use treated wood as standard material for bottom boards.  Check out these busy bees bringing in loads of pollen!20july17 012.JPG

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