Keep On Keeping Bees! 1st blog post

This is the new beekeepers’ blog by Joe Lewis, author of Beekeeping 2.5 and numerous beekeeping articles and presentations in American Bee Journal, many of which center on Sustainable Beekeeping through Nucleus Colonies.  I will use this site to make my materials and presentations available and to share ideas, tips, techniques, and practices to help you achieve your beekeeping goals, whatever they are.  If you have an extra hour of your beekeeping life to spare, please watch one of my YouTube videos (like Beekeeping 357) where I share some of the cool things I have learned about bees during the last 11 years of intensive study and practice.  Here I reveal some beekeeping trade secrets not likely to be found at your local club meeting!

The photo above is one I shot on July 10, 2017 in Bel Air, Maryland where you can see some of my bees enjoying nectar and pollen from a Korean Evodia (evodia danielli) otherwise known as the “bee bee” tree.  The bee bee tree is a source of nutrients for bees after the main nectar flow has ended in the Northeastern US.

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